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Does TB treatment have side effects? Nausea, diarrhea and loss of appetite are very common adverse effects, they usually pass after a few weeks as TB medication is continued. Strong and continuous nausea can be treated with medicines. Mild pain in upper abdomen. This can be treated with medicines.
Can you eat eggs while taking antibiotics? While research about probiotics and antibiotics is still inconclusive, studies suggest that taking probiotics is a safe way to prevent antibiotic -related diarrhea. Antibiotics can kill the beneficial bacteria in probiotics, so it is advisable to take the two a few hours apart.
Can a bacterial infection heal on its own? Bacterial vaginosis is a mild infection of the vagina caused by bacteria. Bacterial vaginosis is usually a mild problem that may go away on its own in a few days. But it can lead to more serious problems. So it's a good idea to see your doctor and get treatment.
Is bacterial tonsillitis contagious? Tonsillitis caused by a virus is often contagious for about 7 to 10 days. Untreated bacterial tonsillitis may be contagious for about 2 weeks. However, people with bacterial tonsillitis treated with antibiotics generally become non- contagious 24 hours after starting antibiotic treatment for strep throat.
Do you have to stay in hospital for IV antibiotics? You may need high doses of antibiotics or antibiotics that you cannot take by mouth. You may have started IV antibiotics in the hospital that you need to keep getting for a while after you leave the hospital. For example, infections in the lungs, bones, brain, or other parts of the body may be treated this way.
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